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The RA Recovery Plan



The RA Recovery Plan is the ultimate online program and diet and lifestyle tool for those with rheumatoid arthritis. The total value of this program is well over $4,000! In this program, Wellness Chef and Holistic Nutritionist, Cat Ruehle shares the exact plan and tools she's used herself, and with hundreds of her clients, to heal from crippling rheumatoid arthritis. You CAN recover from RA!

“Working with Cat is one the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I had specific goals that I could never meet on my own. Cat made it easy and supported me through every challenge with clear information, guidance and a massive dose of inspiration. She kept me accountable and provided so much support. And I loved that I could text her any time I had a question and she would always respond. That’s priceless!”
— L. Miller, private program client, Dallas, TX

The RA Recovery Plan includes:

  • VIP Email Support from Cat (VIP Plan only)

    • Email Cat each week with your questions about diet & lifestyle for RA. 

  • VIP Pre-Program Evaluation & Personal Recommendations (VIP Plan only)

    • Receive tips and guidelines specific to your personal needs.

  • The 5-Step, 8-Week Plan

    • Transition & Detox
      • Pre-Program Self-Evaluation (VIP and pre-enrollment members receive VIP evaluation review and recommendations from Cat, see BONUS 2 above))
      • Pantry Purge
      • Detox Measures
      • Lymphatics
    • Gut Healing
      • Foods for Healing
      • Supplements for Healing
      • Lifestyle Measures
    • Elimination Program
      • ID & Remove
      • Elimination Timeline
      • Food Journal & Symptom Tracker
    • Reintroduction/Challenge Phase
      • The Rule of 3
    • Maintenance/Long Term
      • Dietary Maintenance
      • Lifestyle Maintenance
      • Troubleshooting
  • The Wellness Toolkit

    • 5 Daily Dietary Measures
    • Nutritional Stars
    • Sanity Savers
      • Prep & Batch
      • Travel Tips
      • Restaurant Survival Guide
    • Shopping Guide
      • Produce
      • Pantry
      • Superfoods
    • What's in Cat's Kitchen
    • Master Lists
      • Foods
      • Supplements
      • Glossary
  • The RA Diet Cookbook: Delicious, Nutritious, Healing Recipes for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Autoimmunity

    • Over 100 recipes, all free of gluten, grains, corn, soy, eggs, dairy, sugar, nightshades, and alcohol
    • Wellness Boosting Beverages
    • Morning Fuel
    • Be Well Salads & Soups
    • Fresh From the Farm & Sea
    • A Rainbow of Veggies
    • Power-UP Snacks
    • Guilt-Free Sweets & Treats
    • RA Diet Essentials

Go VIP and enhance your results:

VIP email Q & A with Cat Ruehle

  • Go deeper and get results faster. Receive support and guidance directly from Cat. This VIP Q&A email service has previously only been available to Cat's private clients paying thousands for one-on-one programs. Each week, email Cat with 3 of your top questions about RA. 

VIP Pre-Program Evaluation

  • All members of The RA Recovery Plan will complete a pre-program self-evaluation. But when you go VIP, you will receive an evaluation review and personal recommendations from Cat. Cat will receive and review your pre-program evaluation and provide you with tips and guidelines specific to your personal needs.



We offer a 60-day conditional money back guarantee, see the details HERE.


Questions about The RA Recovery Plan? Check out our FAQ page HERE

“I would never have believed that I could control my autoimmune disease without prescription medication. But Cat helped me make diet and lifestyle changes that completely transformed my health and my LIFE! My doctor could not believe how much I improved between check ups and insisted, INSISTED, I go off my meds because I no longer needed then. WOW! Cat knows her stuff, she’s been there and done that, and she’s so supportive and inspiring. “
— S. Sanders, private program client, La Jolla, CA

The total value of these tools and materials, not to mention the one-on-one email access to Cat, is worth well over $4,000! We've worked very hard to bring you all of this information and support at a price that won't break your budget. Enrollment is ONE PAYMENT of $297. Go VIP for just ONE PAYMENT of $597 and receive personal support from Cat. Your VIP exclusive email access to Cat is available as soon as you enroll. We'll send you an informative email within 24 hours of your order. You CAN recover from RA with The RA Recovery Plan! Questions? Email us HERE

Yes, I'm a crazy chicken lady!

Yes, I'm a crazy chicken lady!

Hey there, I'm Cat! I'm a former classically trained Pastry Chef turned Wellness Foods Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, best-selling cookbook author, and RA advocate. My mission is to help others to do what I have done: permanently relieve the symptoms of RA and other autoimmune diseases through diet & lifestyle measures. 

When I was hit with rheumatoid arthritis, out of the blue at age 41, I was at the peak of my career. I owned a successful bakery and cake studio and was appearing regularly on Food Network. I was much in-demand from press and media and I was courting multiple book and TV opportunities. I thought I "had it all".

RA took it all away in the blink of an eye. My disease shook me up and forced me to look long and hard at my life. I found a new balance and I made new priorities. I overhauled my diet and my entire lifestyle to get myself well. I went back to school to study nutrition. I consulted doctors and experts in functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and holistic health. I created a comprehensive plan to heal my body, and in the process, launched a wellness company, A Well-Nourished Life, helping hundreds of private clients recover their health. 


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