Your Daily #RAtip: Rock Out

Music is therapeutic.

If there's one thing I know I can always trust to help me move through my emotions, it's music. I've often thought it's a cruel twist of fate that I love music and singing so much because I'm completely stone cold tone deaf. Tone. Deaf. Not kidding, it actually hurts to be in the house with me when I'm singing, just ask my son.

Anyway, I love music, and when I was struggling with my rheumatoid arthritis I would often listen to soothing music like George Winston piano solos and it would help take my mind off my aching, swollen joints. I felt I could float away, almost like I could leave my body, and if you have RA you most likely know that feeling of wanting to leave your body when it's hurting.

And then there were the times when I was really angry about my RA, really, really angry at my body for betraying me, and then I'd turn to Pearl Jam or Sinead O'Conner (the queen of channeling anger through song). Music helped me move through my emotions rather than getting stuck in them. And I know I'm not the only one, I've heard from other chronic pain sufferers who've had a similar experience.

Music is therapeutic, the key is to find the type of music that works for you, and then lose yourself in it. If you've never tried rocking out when you're deep in the shits of RA, give it a go. And if you find yourself feeling angry, I highly recommend Sinead O'Connor's "The Last Day of Our Aquaintance", it's musical rage at its finest.

Happy Friday!

Posted on January 16, 2015 .