Superfood Spotlight: Meet Maca


Oooh, I love me some superfood powders! They are so convenient to keep on hand and they instantly boost the nutrient-density of any recipe. Maca is one of the must-have superfood powders that I always keep stocked in my pantry.

Maca powder comes from the cruciferous root grown in the Peruvian Andes.  It is an adaptogen (meaning it promotes balance and healing in the body) and it's used to enhance energy and endurance. Some claim it's a better pick-me-up than caffeine. It's quite effective at balancing hormones and has been used to treat infertility, PMS, and symptoms of menopause. Many men and women find that it boosts libido. ooh-la-la.

Add maca to your smoothies (my fave way to use it), sprinkle it over cereal or oats, or mix it into your fave raw treat

Posted on February 25, 2014 .