Chocolate Superfood Oats


The next time you make oatmeal, kick up the nutritive value with superfoods. With just a few simple additions you can improve the flavor and texture of your oats while considerably raising the nutrient value.

This morning I made this bowl of delicious chocolate oats. At the end of cooking I added raw cacao powder, chia and hemp seeds, and whole almonds. After plating I sprinkled on a handful of Qi'a Superfoods Cereal containing buckwheat, chia, hemp, cranberries and vanilla. I prefer my oats with no added sweetener, but for my son I add a drizzle of organic maple syrup or a few pinches of coconut palm sugar. You can apply the same idea to overnight oats. Simply add cacao powder when you mix your jars, then when you're ready to eat add the almonds and Qi'a Superfoods. Enjoy!

Posted on September 4, 2013 .