My current fave juice

Awww shucks, I love you too!

Awww shucks, I love you too!

I juice every day, it's an important part of my personal wellness program. This is my current favorite juice. It's nutrient-dense and highly detoxifying. If beets are new to you, be advised that your pee and poo may turn pink, this is normal so don't freak out!  If you need a good, inexpensive juicer recommendation, this is the Breville I've used every day for two years, I love it.

Daily Detox Juice

1 medium organic beet, washed and ends trimmed

2 organic carrots

6 leaves organic Napa cabbage

1/2 bunch organic celery

1 seedless organic cucumber

1 peeled lemon or lime

Process all ingredients in your juicer, makes two servings. Cheers! 


Posted on June 23, 2013 .