Cleanse survival tip: keep it colorful at eye level

awnl fridge cleanse.JPG

Tomorrow I start a 7 day detox cleanse. Any time I take on a challenge like a cleanse I spend several days getting myself psyched up and ready to jump in. I plan, shop, and organize, so I don't get caught with those annoying "what am I going to eat NOW" moments that can derail even the most experienced "cleanser". One thing I always do is place the cleanse-approved "pretty" stuff at eye level in my fridge. Now, not ALL of these goodies are for my cleanse, some are for my kiddo, I won't be drinking pomegranate-cranberry juice on my cleanse, but the color is so appealing and I like to keep bevies on the top shelf. I keep my fresh pressed organic green juice, Zico coconut water, filtered water, and Kevita probiotic drink at front so they're the first things I see, I'll be drinking lots of them in the next week.

Posted on May 17, 2013 .